Photosynthesis and Respiration

Thirty percent of the world's oxygen is produced by rainforests found throughout the world. Seventh grade learners explore the processes of photosynthesis and respiration through 10 days of labs, manipulatives, and discussions. They differentiate between the two processes and illustrate those similarities and differences through answer questions, designing a foldable, and completing a chart. Teachers can assess the class's knowledge through a few different activities. 

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners complete a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting photosynthesis and respiration as an assessment tool
Classroom Considerations
  • Resources needed include the Prentice Hall Life Science Book, but any textbook with references to photosynthesis and respiration should work
  • Stomata lab reference is found within the Prentice Hall textbook as well and is not included in this unit; teachers can Google stomata lab and find a copy online
  • Teacher should read through all activities and determine what they will use, the entire unit or parts, and gather all materials
  • Activity is for an entire unit and contains student work pages, answer keys, extensions, and step-by-step instructions for teachers to follow
  • Unit is written in the 5E model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate
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