Phases of Mitosis

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You slough off all your skin cells once every seven years. Thank goodness for mitosis, or we would all be looking pretty strange without skin. The video begins by reviewing the cell cycle, looks at an overview of cells undergoing mitosis, analyzes the role of the cell membrane and nuclear membrane in mitosis, and watches the centrosomes actions throughout mitosis. Learners see how chromosomes change throughout the process and before exploring each phase. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Further discuss the cell cycle in class
  • View onion cells in differing stages of mitosis under a microscope, focusing on the number of cells they see in interphase versus the rest of the phases of mitosis
  • Determine a pneumonic saying for phases of mitosis
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  • Classroom needs a computer, Internet connection, and a projection system
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  • Includes slideshow covering the phases of mitosis
  • Contains a great video of mitosis occurring in a sea urchin
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