Lesson Plan

pH and Color Change

Did you know strong bases can feel slippery and slimy? Lesson allows scholars to practice using the pH scale to identify acids and bases and their strengths. By changing the concentration of an acid and a base, they create the entire rainbow of pH colors. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use a KWL chart for pH
Classroom Considerations
  • Follow all safety considerations as some of the chemicals used may irritate skin, others may irritate eyes, and others are flammable
  • Test classroom water before the lesson to make sure it is pH neutral; if it is not, you will need to buy distilled water
  • Lesson is the eighth in a series of 12
  • Includes listings of where to buy chemicals and laboratory equipment required for the lesson
  • Provides answers to all student work and the expected results of each experiment
  • Utilizes the 5E lesson plan model
  • None