Persuasion Portfolios

After class members brainstorm a list of current social and political issues, groups each select a different topic from the list to research. Teams create a portfolio of at least 10 examples of stories about their issue, stories that represent different perspectives. They analyze the perspective of each side of the debate, describe the arguments used and the evidence and persuasive techniques used, then compare and contrast their messages with those found with the artifacts on the "Women's Suffrage Media Map."

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Ask pupils to bring recent copies of newspapers, online articles, and news magazines for the activity
  • Many local newspapers will donate a class set of their papers for classroom use; check to see if your local paper has this program
Classroom Considerations
  • The third lesson in the series
  • Requires copies of the "Persuasion Portfolios Directions" handout and the "Persuasion Artifact Analysis" worksheet
  • Groups need devices with internet to access the artifacts on the Women's Suffrage media map
  • Includes a detailed step-by-step plan for the lesson
  • Includes a completed example of the "Persuasion Portfolio Artifact Analysis" sheet
  • None