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Peer Pressure: Grades 3-5

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Peer pressure is the focus of a instructional activity that challenges scholars to respond to several scenarios using responsible-decision making skills. Lesson one begins with a live-action example set by class members, followed by a discussion that details how the situation was handled. Lesson two offers additional scenarios that pupils read on a worksheet then answer the questions that follow—what is the problem, are there any consequences, and which action should be performed.

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Instructional Ideas
  • If a situation arises in the classroom, direct pupils to use the three-step thought process to problem solve
  • Read a book that features a character faced with peer pressure and how he or she deals with it
  • Invite the school's counselor to speak to the class about peer pressure
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson requires devices with internet access and copies of worksheets
  • For lesson one, give the two participants that leave the room a heads-up that they will be singled-out later
  • The assessment comes with an answer key
  • Boosts social and emotional development
  • Skilled learned are helpful in and outside the classroom
  • None