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Peas in a Pod: Genetics

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Can peas have grandparents? Learn about inherited traits and heredity with a set of activities focused on Mendelian genetics. As your class learns about the process of passing traits along in Punnett squares, they take on the role of geneticists to determine whether a long-lost child is a member of an example family.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in your biology unit to enhance a lesson about Punnett squares
  • Have individuals make their own Punnett squares according to their parental traits, and encourage them to map members of their family as far back as they can
  • Assign the assessment as a unit test or homework assignment to check for understanding
Classroom Considerations
  • The lesson is designed for gifted learners, but can easily be modified to apply to mainstream elementary levels or middle schoolers
  • Comes with an answer key for the assessment
  • Covers various aspects of genetics, including blood types, phenotypes, and alleles for different traits
  • None