Patterns - Numbers, Shapes, etc.

Find the pattern is the name of the game! Learners examine different patterns represented by numbers, shapes, and words. They must describe the pattern, predict the result in a given position, and find an equation that represents a pattern. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Begin with a problem similar to the third example; allow individuals to determine the pattern and try to write an expression to model the pattern
  • Ask each pupil to create a pattern on a notecard, then mix them up and distribute them to the class to solve
Classroom Considerations

  • Builds on previous work with sequences in the two previous lessons in the series
  • The third lesson in a 20-part series

  • Includes a set of practice problems modeled from the lesson

  • Does not include real-life patterns or connections
  • Missing an answer key for the practice problems
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