Lesson Plan

Past Tense Activities - Regular Verbs

Here is a supplemental lesson plan regarding past tense verbs for English language learners that is a great tool for the classroom when you are teaching grammar exercises.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Modeling, repetition, and consistency are important for English language learners
  • Guide and correct students with pronunciation
  • Make a colorful anchor chart to post on the wall with verbs and verb endings
  • Say it, spell it, write it teaching method is effective 
Classroom Considerations
  • Assignment can easily be included when teaching past tense verbs
  • Warm ups and activities are for young learners
  • Fill your walls with language and classroom with resources for language acquisition 
  • Jump rope activity is a physical drill that is sure to be a hit with the class
  • Past tense verb songs are an inspirational and creative approach
  • Charming way to learn past tense verbs
  • Website for worksheets, songs, flashcards, and other materials are free, but require membership
  • The word tack is misspelled on lesson plan