Parent Questionnaire

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Parents are an invaluable asset when it comes to getting to know the kids in your class. Ask them to fill out a short worksheet with questions about their children, including their strengths and weaknesses, how their child handles transitions, the best ways to comfort their child, and the goals parents have for the upcoming year.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Send questionnaire home with parents on the first day of school, or mail it home to be completed before school begins
  • Compile answers from your class's questionnaires in a binder or cumulative file for your class
  • Provide copies of completed questionnaires for learners with special needs at IEP meetings, to learning aides, and for any specialists involved with the child's education
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider adding questions that are more specific to your class, or to areas that might address learners with special needs
  • Does not provide a lot of space for each question
  • Helpful for kids entering school for the first time, as well as kids making transfers or transitions between classes
  • Completed questionnaires will be helpful in framing your relationships with your learners
  • None