Paragraph Development

There's no set length for a good paragraph, but the short block of text should contain key components. A handout on paragraphs, the 12th in a series of 24, outlines a five-step process for paragraph development. Additionally, the handout describes common problems writers face and uses original and revised paragraphs to show changes that improve writing.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Model the five-step process for the class, and then have learners practice independently
  • Analyze paragraphs from magazine articles or non-fiction books to determine how editors organize them
Classroom Considerations
  • Some hyperlinks (such as the Paragraph Development Examples page) are designed to be read along with the text
  • Includes headers, bold text, bullet points, and indentation to make the handout easy to skim and scan
  • Provides models and examples to illustrate each key point or step in a process
  • Focuses on a standard style of organization and does not account for unique paragraph structures