Paper Money of the Sung, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties

This Paper Money of the Sung, Yuan, and Ming Dynasties activity & project also includes:

Why did the Chinese develop paper money? They were the first society to use paper currency. Learners consider why paper money was more convenient than other mechanisms of trade using a helpful lesson plan, which includes a graphic organizer and economic simulation involving producers and consumers of Chinese goods. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the simulation activity to demonstrate why societies use paper money
  • Pair the background reading with PowerPoint slides to show young scholars how economic needs drive historical events
Classroom Considerations
  • 13th of 23 lessons from the Council for Economic Education exploring Middle School World History
  • Background reading does not have comprehension or discussion questions
  • Hands-on activity is engaging for a variety of pupils
  • Background reading is age-appropriate and gives appropriate context for activity
  • Spider graphic organizer does not have clear instructions for classroom use
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