Paper Doll Project

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Explore self and social construction with a hands-on art project. After studying and discussing bullying and other social experiences, individuals create three paper dolls that represent specific social constructions. Included here is a unit outline and activities that build up the project, an assignment page with requirements, a planning sheet, a peer or self assessment, information on writing an artist's statement about the dolls, and a students feedback page.

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Classroom Considerations
  • See paper doll examples at
  • Comes with just about everything you need to prepare and assign the project; see the materials tab for another material related to the artist's statement
  • Requires pupils to think critically about social construction and how they and others represent themselves
  • Some of the assignment pages may need minor formatting edits; since the resource is a Word document, this is possible
  • Some learners may have difficulty grasping the concept of social construction