Pacific Leatherback Protection

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Turtles are more than just cute, docile sea creatures; many of them are endangered, some critically. The leading threat to Pacific leatherback turtles is human activity. From commercial fishing and boating in the leatherbacks' migratory path, to plastic and other human trash in the ocean, the largest reptile on earth is in dire need of man's help to survive. Learn about some of the impacts that people have on their environment, as well as see some footage of this amazing and majestic creature. Follow up the video with a discussion about environmental issues affecting the sea turtles and have each class brainstorm ideas about how every person can help reduce his impact on delicate ecosystems such as the ocean.

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  • Engaging and motivating video
  • In a short duration, effectively shows how human activity has directly affected the sea turtle population

  • No lesson plan or other accompanying materials