Organizing a Store

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When provided with multiple objects, how many ways can the class organize and display them based on predetermined factors? Assist class members with a handy activity—theoretically teaching them concepts to understand periodic table organization—as individuals arrange items for sale in an imaginary store. They take this one step further by analyzing trends in the arrangement and discussing the relationship of their chosen arrangement to how various elements are placed on the periodic table. This is the first lesson in a 9-part series.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Expand on the activity by categorizing animals in a pet store, rather than inanimate objects, to provide an additional level of complexity
  • Rather than having students perform the activity individually, complete one large class size display against the back wall and incorporate all ideas as you discuss rationales for each placement option 
Classroom Considerations
  • Provide an area large enough for pupils to place completed projects on display for better visual analysis
  • This is the first lesson in a 9-part series
  • Provides the ability to demonstrate correct organization of objects based on multiple characteristics
  • While the activity is good for demonstrating how to theoretically organize the periodic table, it lacks sustenance; other information should also be included to completely convey important concepts
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