Ordinary People: Desktop Teaching

Turn the pupil into the teacher to help your learners pick up and retain vocabulary from Ordinary People by Judith Guest. Each individual selects a word, studies it in depth, and then teaches their word to the rest of the class, one classmate at a time.

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Instructional Ideas
  • While this is designed with words from the first six chapters of the book, you could easily do a second round with additional words (or with any other vocabulary list, for that matter)
Classroom Considerations
  • Note that only one of the links to Greek and Latin root resources functions
  • According to the directions, you will need to provide each learner with an index card
  • You may wish to white out the one line meant for teachers that is present on the student handout
  • A student instruction page and vocabulary word list are provided
  • Provides a low pressure way for learners to orally share their vocabulary word with every other individual in class
  • Keep an eye out for any spelling and/or usage errors