Lesson Plan

Online Reputation and Cyber-bullying

Combat cyberbullying with information. During this plan, learners watch a couple of videos, consider online behavior scenarios, brainstorm long- and short-term consequences, and discuss how to react to bullying in order to build up to creating a class charter with specific rules for online conduct. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Once your class has created the charter, you can refer back to it with specific individuals when there is an issue, or as a whole class to refresh the topic
Classroom Considerations
  • The presentation in the additional materials titled Online Reputation and Cyberbullying is the main resource for this plan; when the procedures refer to a page number, they refer to this presentation
  • Note that the second video does include strong language in the form of examples of cyberbullying
  • This document includes additional lessons that are part of this same unit
  • Includes a presentation with imbedded videos, questions to ask your class, and tips for dealing with cyberbullying
  • None