On This Day: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

How did the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire change modern working conditions? The engaging resource explains conditions that contributed to the tragic fire, the workers affected by it, and how it changed labor laws and working conditions forever. Scholars learn how 146 workers lost their lives when they were unable to escape the building and how the event highlighted unsafe working conditions of the time. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Compare the Shirtwaist Factory Fire to other events that prompted changes in labor conditions 
  • Have pupils research the dangerous working conditions of the Industrial Revolution
Classroom Considerations
  • The resource requires a free C-SPAN Classroom account, or use the following login credentials: Username: students, Password: C-SPANCLASSROOM

  • Video clips prompt a conversation on how labor laws have changed over time
  • Resource is a good overview of the Shirtwaist Factory Fire 
  • None