Unit Plan

Off to Adventure!: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 1)

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This Off to Adventure!: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 1) unit plan also includes:

Give language skills a boost with a series of ESL lessons in an Off to Adventure! themed unit. Using a speak, listen, move, and look routine, scholars enhance proficiency through grand conversation and skills practice. Discussion topics include the outdoors, the military, different times of day, animals, bodies of water, land forms, school workers, subjects, schedules, parts of a dictionary, types of clothing, and transportation. Concepts reinforced include base words, word endings, colors, sentence writing, alphabetizing, word webs, questions and statements, syllables, times of day, multiple meaning words, capitalization of days and months, and grammar.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Create an adventure-themed bulletin board that showcases the variety of topics addressed in the unit 
  • Divide the class into homogeneous groups based on language proficeincy; conduct lessons in small group rotations for a more targeted approach 
  • Gather a collection of adventure stories that pupils can browse when time permits
Classroom Considerations
  • The unit is the second of three in a themed series created by Houghton Mifflin to accompany their English language arts studies 
  • Curriculum books are not included; however, most lessons can be modified to work alongside other stories
  • Provides multilevel response prompts 
  • Offers tips to support common language challenges 
  • Clear and detailed lessons make for easy implementation
  • None