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Observing Chemical Changes—Microscale Chemistry

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Want to add a wow factor to your current chemical changes lesson plan? Try a microscale experiment with colorful precipitates! Partnered learners conduct 10 single displacement reactions and record their observations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the lab at the middle school level to work your class' observational skills, or as an examination of the solubility rules in the upper grades
  • Allow time to discuss how reactions 9 and 10 could be used at the industrial level to produce solid copper and silver from their salts
Classroom Considerations
  • To avoid confusion, ensure pupils in lower grades are aware of the Stock system for naming transition metals
  • Remind groups to start with clean, deionized well plates for the best results
  • The lab is a good choice for larger classes and shorter lab periods due to its microscale nature
  • Includes all printables with the teacher's guide
  • Set up and clean up are easy, giving you more time to mingle and assess student progress
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