Number Line

It's a printable number line to 100! Cut it out and use the easy tabs to glue into one long number line. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Practice multiplication concepts through the fact that there are 10 strips of 10 numbers each that make 100 in total
  • Use this for the 100th day of school by having learners create their own number line and bringing in 100 of something from home (hair clips, toy cars, etc.)
  • There are ten strips; pair up kids and have them decorate one of the strips to make a class number line that can be laminated and put on display
Classroom Considerations
  • There isn't a dotted line along the left side of the page. Make sure kids understand what to do there
  • Clear numbers and large enough to see from a distance
  • Glue tabs make this easier for kids to put together 
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