Notifying the School About a Bullying Incident—Using a Template Letter

A pre-made letter is ideal for parents to use if their child is being bullied. The template comes with a brief overview for implementation, as well as two separate 504 and IEP templates to address bullying instances. Use the document versions in order to tailor the letter to meet specific needs of any child.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite parents to come in with their children, and have a conference about any bullying issue that arises during the school year
  • Post the templates onto your class website making it easy for parents to access
Classroom Considerations
  • Useful in all grade levels
  • Ensure the template is used appropriately by parents
  • Comes with three additional versions of the template, all in PDF and document form for easy editing
  • The guide includes a Spanish template as well
  • None