No Fossils in This Fuel

Yeast and sugar go beyond the pantry and into a fuel experiment. Use these common baking ingredients to assist your class in creating ethanol, a natural fuel. Pupils observe the process and gather information to elaborate on the reaction, so they can relate their observations to present and future energy solutions.


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Instructional Ideas
  • Conduct a survey of gas stations to see how many sell gasoline with ethanol
  • Research the other forms of vehicle power, such as electric and solar, in addition to fuels mentioned in this activity, and make a poster or chart with advantages, disadvantages, and availability of each
  • Search online to find an automobile fueled by alternative methods
Classroom Considerations
  • Provide assistance to English learners as they perform online research for the activity
  • Provides opportunities to expand on ideas from the original experiment
  • Relates experiment with present-day environmental situations
  • None