Newton and Leibniz: Crash Course History of Science #17

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The scientific revolution went out with a bang, thanks to some impressive intellectuals! Newton's and Leibniz's noteworthy discoveries unfold in the 17th installment in a lengthy History of Science series. Viewers witness the birth of calculus and gravity as the previously accepted ideas of Aristotle fade into memory.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Add the video to a physics, calculus, or chemistry lesson to illustrate Newton's profound effect on math and science
  • Take learning further with an interactive about Newton's Laws of Motion
Classroom Considerations

  • Add some background reading before the video about Leibniz, as scholars may be less familiar with his contributions 

  • The resource skillfully shares notable discoveries using funny animations
  • Clearly explains each aspect of Newton's significant contributions

  • None
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