NewsFeed Defenders

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How can people learn to spot viral deception? Players do just that with the NewsFeed Defenders media literacy game. Scholars choose avatars and the focus of their news feeds: student life, health and wellness, or sports and entertainment. Their mission is to maintain a credible news site. They learn how to spot fake news, identify bias, and uphold the journalistic standards of accuracy, transparency, trustworthiness, impartiality, and focus. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Break the class into small groups and have each one design a poster to explain one of the rules of journalistic integrity
Classroom Considerations

  • Register for a free account to save progress
  • Actual time required may vary 

  • Students can activate helpful tips as they play
  • Teaches critical 21st-century skills in a fun, interactive way 

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