News Goggles: Corrections and Clarifications: Accuracy and Correcting the Record

Accuracy and fairness are key principles in journalism. It is the responsibility of reputable news organizations to correct their stories when new information is found. Viewers learn to spot these corrections and clarifications through a 26-slide presentation that uses the famous BBC interview with Princess Diana and four other stories as examples.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Newspapers will often offer a free set of their newspapers for classroom use; contact your local distributors to see if that service is available in your area
  • Ask class members to bring in newspapers that contain corrections
  • Show the slides in presentation mode
Classroom Considerations
  • A second interview follows the video of the interview with Princess Diana; if showing the complete interview to your classes, stop the video at the end of Princess Diana's interview
  • Color-coded slides teach viewers what to look for in both print and broadcast reports
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