Lesson Plan

Neutralizing Acids and Bases

Most things naturally strive for balance, and acids and bases are no exception. Neutralization of acids and bases allows scholars to explore the color changes associated with the pH scale. After this exploration, pupils neutralize two substances of different dilutions. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Review the last few lessons, as the current lesson addresses those extension ideas
Classroom Considerations
  • Follow all safety procedures, as the chemicals used include a skin irritant, an eye irritant, and a flammable substance
  • Verify classroom water is neutral, or buy distilled water for the experiments and demonstration
  • Lesson is the ninth in a series of 12
  • Includes options for where to buy the chemicals and lab materials required
  • Lesson formatted using a 5E approach
  • All instructions for both teacher and student are given step by step and presented clearly
  • None