A star is born! Introduce young astronomers to the characteristics of nebulae in a narrated video. Discover what they are made of, why some reflect light and others glow on their own, and the locations of several notable nebulae. The narrator also describes the formation of new stars within these clouds of gas and space dust.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Incorporate the video into a lesson about stars and constellations
  • Emission nebulae glow based on the elements within them. Provide several color images, along with a chart describing the colors produced by elements when excited, and ask learners to guess what elements are present in that nebula
Classroom Considerations

  • Consider doing a quick review of types of stars prior to watching the video

  • Shows actual images of nebulae throughout the video, enhancing the content
  • The narrator incorporates useful analogies throughout the resource to help clarify difficult topics 

  • None