Name That Harmonic: Closed-End air Columns

Physics is like music—practice makes perfect! Challenge your class using an interactive that builds harmonic skills. The engaging lesson from a playlist exploring sounds and waves revolves around wave behavior in closed-end air columns. Individuals visually identify harmonic patterns and complete related calculations.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Complete the lesson after the Open-End Air Column activity, then ask students to compare their results
  • Have learners create a series of sketches that show what happens as a wave moves in a closed-end air column
Classroom Considerations
  • Closed-end column harmonics can be tricky; consider doing an example with the class before they get started
  • The interactive is easy to use and intuitive, which helps ensure individuals practice skills that are more difficult for them
  • Supplemental materials help you build a unit around the interactive
  • None