My Life, My Plan: Teen

Teenagers often feel that their lives are out of their control, but in just a few short years, their futures will be entirely in their own hands. Help with the first few steps of their journey toward adulthood with a lesson about life planning, which addresses the best ways for learners to stay healthy in body and mind to face whatever will come.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Send home the presentation so parents can see what will be discussed in class
  • Provide links to the booklet in order for students to have access to the activities at home or on personal tablets
Classroom Considerations

  • Discusses teen sexuality and contraception; be sure that your class is mature enough for this discussion, and that you have received any parental permission that is needed from your district

  • All necessary materials, including the presentation, worksheets, and online booklet, are attached
  • Prompts class members to think about themselves at age 21, which some may not have done yet

  • None