My American Farm

Hee-haw! Have a bale of fun with these agricultural games! Five games are geared up for kindergarten through fifth grades and are useful for addressing Common Core standards in mathematics.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
App Overview

My American Farm houses five agriculture-related games. As each game is finished, the player earns a badge in the passport, accessible for viewing by tapping Your Rewards on the home screen.

In My Barn:

  • Skip count 2s, 5s, or 10s by selecting the appropriate numbers from an array and placing them in order on the table at the bottom of the screen
  • Count by ones
  • Count backward from 10 to 1
  • Earn a fun fact to read when you complete a task
  • Unlock new activities upon finishing each task

My Little Ag Me:

  • Select and dress an avatar to work in a particular agriculture career
  • Answer multiple choice questions about where the work takes place and what tools are required
  • After answering questions, hear an expert in the field describe his or her job

Equipment Engineer:

  • Build the heavy equipment needed to manage a forest, golf course, corn farm, garden, or irrigation system
  • Read a Did You Know fact for each correct addition and upon completion of the project

Ag Across America:

  • Answer five questions about American agriculture or geography by tapping on a state
  • Each correct answer is rewarded with a fun fact

Farmer's Market Challenge:

  • Choose a food bin and solve a word problem using simple arithmetic
  • Two levels are included: K-2 and 3-5
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Instructional Ideas

Have My American Farm loaded onto a tablet and available to play as a reward for finishing other classwork. 

Classroom Considerations

My American Farm has five games, but be aware that not all of them are appropriate for every grade level. In My Barn is directed at kindergartners, while others require higher reading abilities and are more appropriate for upper-elementary agriculturists. Note that the Fun Facts in all of the games can only be read by experienced readers; you will need an adult to sit with kindergartners and possibly first graders at a center to read the facts as they complete the tasks.

  • Five games to choose from
  • Has something engaging for a wide range of grade levels
  • Cute and colorful images
  • Can be used to reinforce Common Core standards for kindergarten and first grade math
  • The reading level for the fun facts may be above the counting level for the In My Barn game
  • The count by tens level already has the zeroes in place; the player only drags the first digit into place
  • Diesel is misspelled in Ag Across America
  • Not all games can be played by every age group