Mother's Day Coloring and Writing Pages

This Mother's Day Coloring and Writing Pages printable & template also includes:

Coloring pages and a fill-in-the-blank letter make up five printable sheets designed to celebrate Mom. Coloring pages feature pictures of flowers, hearts, and sweet treats. Scholars fill in the blanks using a word bank to compose a four-sentence letter.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • For those that do not have a mother, invite them to celebrate a mother figure 
  • Have younger learners dictate their answers for their writing; write the words in pen or use highlighter so the participants can trace over the letters 
  • Compile finished products in decorative envelopes that pupils can gift their mother on Mother's Day
Classroom Considerations
  • Be sensitive to those that do not celebrate the holiday due to personal reasons
  • Mother's Day takes place on the second Sunday in May—check the calendar for this year's date 
  • Copies and coloring tools are required 
  • Sentence frames and a word bank for the letter is provided 
  • Pictures are fun and festive
  • None
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