Lesson Plan

More Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School

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This More Tools for Teaching Social Skills in School lesson plan also includes:

Put an end to wasted instructional time with this lesson on responsibility and preparedness. After completing this series of activities students will learn the importance of these social skills not only in the classroom, but at home and in the real world as well.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Teach this lesson during the first week of school, setting clear classroom expectations for the year to come
  • Use the included role playing scenarios or have students work in smalls groups to create their own
  • Created an enlarged, colorful copy of the Being Prepared for Class poster to display in the classroom as a reminder to students 
  • Provides teachers with a document that explains how to implement this resource
  • Offers ideas for role playing scenarios that teach children about preparedness and responsibility
  • Includes activities that create cross-currcicular connections with language arts and social studies
  • Note that resource is just one sample lesson taken from a larger unit that is available for purchase