Montgomery Bus Boycott: We Would Rather Walk!

This Montgomery Bus Boycott: We Would Rather Walk! lesson plan also includes:

Have historians use primary sources to learn about the circumstances and implementation of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, and think about the issue of boycotts as a means of effecting social change. Wrap it up with a letter to the editor writing assignment.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Boycotting are in vogue now as a means of trying to bring about change - compare recent boycotts and their efficacy with the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Find excerpts from the Supreme Court case that declared Montgomery bus segregation to be unconstitutional
Classroom Considerations

  • Evaluate whether the engagement/motivation activity will be effective with your class

  • Discussion questions deal with issues not commonly explored (e.g. how the boycott affected African American workers)
  • Links the boycott with MLKJr's non-violent strategies
  • The primary sources are concise, powerful, and relevant

  • None