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Money Wise

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Does money seem to slip through your middle schoolers' fingers? Encourage them to examine spending, saving, and budgeting habits with a unit on consumer skills and money management. Young spenders study the waste that occurs with school resources, as well as the most efficient ways to save their money, and the role of currency around the world.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a social studies unit about consumer skills, or connect to math for a cross-curricular unit
  • Organize a tour to the local bank for the money management lessons, and to a grocery or retail store in the section about comparing prices and consumer literacy
  • Provide examples of global currency to model for the banknote creation activity, and have your class vote for their favorite creation amongst peers
Classroom Considerations
  • Unit was published in Ireland; therefore, many of the figures and materials are more relevant to the European financial system, including money amounts noted in Euros
  • A great precursor to a high school economics class
  • Prompts learners to pay attention to the items they purchase and the money they spend
  • Provides all necessary activity worksheets and materials at the end of the packet, in printable form
  • None