Money and Finance

Chances are, the teenagers in your economics class have some experience with money. Help them understand that money is more than the dollars and coins they feed into the school vending machines with a video from Crash Course economics. It discusses the exchange of physical money, the system of electronic currency, and the stock market.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a discussion on the 2008 housing crisis and recession
  • Set up a role-activity in which class members try to barter for what they want, or use a standardized currency system aside from money
  • Incorporate the video in a unit on stocks and bonds, or when formulating an activity in which learners choose their own fictional investments in the stock market
Classroom Considerations
  • References some more nefarious uses of Bitcoin, including online drug deals
  • Comments are open to the public and may not be appropriate for the classroom
  • Uses terms with which pupils are likely familiar, such as Bitcoin and crowdsourcing
  • Video is engaging and informative
  • None