Unit Plan

Module 6: Congruence, Construction, and Proof

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Trace the links between a variety of math concepts in this far-reaching unit. Ideas that seem very different on the outset (like the distance formula and rigid transformations) come together in very natural and logical ways. This unit does a stellar job of spiraling key concepts throughout the lessons, so content that looks scattered when reading the table of contents is actually quite tightly presented. Great for stand-alone use as a whole unit, or broken into supplemental/remedial activities for existing curriculum.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Break unit up into relevant bits to supplement existing curriculum
  • Good end-of-year unit to practice geometry skills while refreshing algebra skills in graphing and problem solving
  • Construction parts at the end make for good portfolio builders if that is part of assessment
Classroom Considerations
  • Back third of the unit concerning proofs and construction is content-reading intensive, some learners may need support
  • Teaching notes attached separately under Included Materials
  • Learners that miss earlier lessons might need remediation throughout the unit, as the topics are so interwoven
  • Strong review and connection of many related concepts throughout geometry
  • Each lesson has just enough problems to provide meaningful practice without being overwhelming
  • Engaging problem setups give context to what is often quite abstract material
  • No summative assessment available
  • No answer key provided for worksheets