Mixtures and Solutions: Paper Chromatography Experiment

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Why does some ink bleed through paper, and other ink doesn't? Practice some paper chromatography to separate the colors from a pen with an interactive experiment for middle and high schoolers. Learners use a variety of solutions to track how each color in the ink separates from the others, and note their observations in a lab report.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create stations around your class for small groups to rotate through for different activities
  • Integrate into an investigation class in which learners solve a mystery based on forensic clues
  • Use the extension activities as homework projects or group assignments
Classroom Considerations
  • Doesn't include a link to the video
  • Includes opportunities for group work and individual reflect
  • Provides hands-on aspects of the lessons, as well as textbook instruction
  • Comes with all necessary lab sheets and graphic organizers
  • Focuses on the steps of the scientific process
  • None