Minerals and Ores

Here's a video that will leave them wanting m"ore"! Part three of the seven-part series involving rocks and the rock cycle illustrates the relationship between minerals and ores. Young geologists get a look at how valuable metals are extracted from ore using physical and chemical methods. Native metals, such as gold and platinum, make an appearance in their brilliant, unbonded states.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Provide pupils with samples of the minerals and metals described in the video
  • Open class with one of the dynamic demos shown for a big impact 
Classroom Considerations

  • For learners without prior experience in types of chemical equations and balancing equations, distribute an activity series and a periodic table to help illustrate the concept of reactivity

  • Video provides excellent descriptions of minerals and ores to help scholars differentiate between them
  • Narrator gives suggestions for other resources to reinforce the concepts found in this one

  • None