Midpoint and Distance Foldable

This Midpoint and Distance Foldable printable & template also includes:

Support young mathematicians with learning the concepts of midpoint and distance with this foldable resource. Offering both graphic examples and written equations, this reference clearly demonstrates for students how these key terms apply to number lines and the coordinate plane.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use this resource to supplement a pre-algebra or algebra one unit on graphing in the coordinate plane
  • Encourage students to use this as a reference when completing in-class and homework assignments
  • Use the example problems on the foldable as guided practice when introducing the concepts of midpoint and distance

  • Foldable template is available as a Word document that can be modified by teachers to meet their needs
  • Includes example problems that involve both positive and negative integers

  • Instructions are not included for creating the foldable, but by making two-sided copies of the pages it should become clear where to cut and fold
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