Mid-Unit Assessment: Close Reading of the "Spadefoot Toad"

This Mid-Unit Assessment: Close Reading of the "Spadefoot Toad" lesson plan also includes:

A mid-unit assessment challenges scholars to use their close reading skills to identify the main idea and key details. After reading a brief excerpt, learners answer a series of questions—multiple-choice, short answer—complete a graphic organizer, and reflect on their personal learning experience. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have this and past lesson's books available for early finishers to browse when time permits 
  • Go over the assessment after it has been graded, answer questions to clear up any confusion over more challenging questions 
  • Review the self-reflection—note pupils' responses and group them for additional teaching time
Classroom Considerations

  • An assessment marks the midpoint of a 13-lesson unit
  • Pupils should be familiar with the skills addressed in this unit as well as past units 

  • An answer key is provided 
  • The assessment includes a self-reflection 

  • The excerpt's font is blurry