Meet the Teacher Night

This Meet the Teacher Night printable & template also includes:

Use a packet of colorful chalkboard-themed Meet the Teacher Night sign-in and information sheets as part of your back-to-school activities. The packet is complete with welcome signs, classroom labels, methods of transportation labels, and picture cards. It also includes a classroom hunt and write the room activity. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Laminate the chalkboard signs and printable cards for use year after year
  • Have the classroom and signs set up for Meet the Teacher Night prior to everyone entering the room
Classroom Considerations

  • Have a class set of the worksheet copied with one on each class member's desk
  • Best printed in color
  • The dashed lines are unusually formatted and may cause confusion for young writers

  • Includes activities for kindergarteners to do as they mingle around the classroom
  • Comes with supply basket labels
  • Printables have a fun theme that can be used all year long

  • None