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Meet the 5 Dwarf Planets!

What's bigger than an asteroid but smaller than a planet? A dwarf planet! Take a peak into the five dwarf planets—Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, Eris, Ceres—with a captivating video hosted by Jenni and Squeaks.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Flip your classroom; assign the video for homework then discuss its contents when pupils return to school
  • As a class or, in pairs, or individually, investigate one of the five dwarf planets more thoroughly
  • Direct learners to take notes during the video then write a brief reflection on what they learned 
Classroom Considerations
  • The video is 10th resource in a series 18 space videos 
  • Comments and suggested videos are visible; have the video ready to play in full screen mode
  • This video is hosted on YouTube
  • Bright, colorful graphics enhance engagement
  • Highlights key terms using bold font
  • Shows real-world pictures along with cartoon images 
  • The host speaks quickly. Pause, replay, and enable closed captioning as needed