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Medical Ethics

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Just because we have the ability to determine an organism's traits through genetic testing, should we do it? Middle-school medical experts examine the ethical dilemmas in biotechnology in the 18th and final installment in a series of lesson plans. Scholars review cost analysis data, read about the uses of genetic testing, and form opinions that they then place on a colorful mobile.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the activity as the grand finale of a biotechnology unit
  • Extend the lesson by having the class research other genetic markers that can determine an organism's abilities or weaknesses
Classroom Considerations
  • Prior to the lesson, make sure students have a clear understanding of the function of genes and genetic testing
  • Gather enough mobile-making materials for each individual
  • Article is relevant and interesting for pupils in this age group
  • Comparing genetic testing on a litter of kittens to similar testing for humans allows learners to get a better feel for the ethical side of the lesson
  • The lesson focuses on supporting opinions with facts and data
  • None