Measure Me!

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How many unifix cubes tall are you? If you're not sure, then perform this math activity with your class and find out. Working in pairs, young mathematicians make measuring sticks out of unifix cubes in order to determine the length of their partner's arm, leg, hand, foot, and neck. The results are recorded on the included worksheet and shared with the class during a whole-group discussion. Though not required in the activity, consider also asking children to measure their overall height, as they will be naturally curious to find out how tall they are. An excellent activity that deserves a place in any primary grade math unit on measurement.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Hands-on learning activity captures the engagement of learners
  • Includes an extension activity for early finishers
  • A commentary is provided that describes potential topics of discussion
  • Teacher must provide explicit expectations regarding the use of unifix cubes and how to work in pairs
Common Core