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Crawl into the world of the darkling beetle with this scientific investigation. Watch as the insects move through the larval, pupal, and adult stages of life, recording observations along the way. Discuss the necessities of life as young scientists care for the critters over the course of the experiment. To conclude, an expository composition is written to demonstrate knowledge of the mealworm life cycle. Accompany this activity with a look at other animals that undergo a metamorphosis, like frogs and butterflies, identifying similarities and differences among different life forms.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Activity provides learners with firsthand experience witnessing the life cycles of insects
  • Includes all supplemental materials needed for recording observations and planning expository writing
  • Resource provides flashcards and pictures to support key vocabulary
  • Requires the purchase of mealworms from a local pet store or science materials distributor
  • Provides only a general outline of the unit, requiring the teacher to develop specific procedures and instruction