Matter Cycles — Sum It Up

Scholars become part of the cycle of matter with a reader's theater that showcases producers, consumers, decomposers, and the sun. A diagram and discussion concludes the learning experience and enhances comprehension. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • As mentioned in the lesson, give extra time for pupils to read the play and practice their parts; however, allow this time for all proficiency levels, not just those below grade level
  • If more than eight learners are interested in acting, perform the reader's theater again on another day 
Classroom Considerations

  • The twelfth item in a 17-item series covering the topic of ecosystems 
  • Class members should be familiar with the cycle of matter
  • Typos are visible but do not take away from the overall understandable of the text 

  • Incorporates collaborative learning strategies 
  • Lesson plan is detailed, easy to follow, and includes notes to make for a smooth administration