Math Poems

The logic, rhythm, and beauty of math sometimes get lost amidst numbers and variables. Amplify math's lyricism with a poetry project that uses metaphors and similes to compare mathematical concepts to other images.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Invite individuals to expand any of the metaphors or similes found in the example poem
  • Have small groups work together on poems based on other math concepts, such as factoring, order of operations, or geometric shapes
Classroom Considerations

  • Have learners write their responses on a separate piece of paper, as the worksheet does not provide much space to write
  • Includes pictures in color that may not be easy to see in black and white; consider projecting the worksheet onto the board instead
  • Refers to two poems, but only one poem is available

  • A great way to bring literary skills to a math class
  • Poem is a student example, making it accessible to the members of your class

  • None