Match and Lighter Safety

This Match and Lighter Safety lesson plan also includes:

Go over the basics of fire prevention with a lesson focused on safety with matches and lighters. With a series of dilemma cards that describe potential fire risks, learners choose the most responsible way to handle matches and lighters.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use in a school-wide focus on fire safety and prevention
  • Encourage groups or pairs to work on the dilemmas in stations
  • Have your learners create fliers or brochures advising their peers not to play with matches or lighters
  • Laminate the dilemma cards for multiple uses
Classroom Considerations

  • Most of the resources are in color, and printing in black and white might affect understanding

  • Encourages responsibility in camping and other scenarios
  • Provides a safety rules handout for learners to write down their own tips

  • None