Marlee Signs

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Start communicating in American Sign Language with this handy app. Made up of a series of video clips, the app makes it easy to begin really saying something with your hands.

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App Overview

Main Menu:

  • About: Watch and read a brief intro to the app and some tips from Marlee
  • Spell: Type in any word and watch the spelling in sign language
  • Library: Access and play lessons
  • Store: Purchase any of five other lesson packs for $1.99 each

Navigating the Lessons:

  • Tap the lesson pack you wish you practice; the app comes with one free lesson pack that includes the signs for the alphabet, basic numbers, pronouns, everyday signs, and questions
  • Touch a lesson title to expand the list
  • Select a word or letter to view
  • Watch the video of the sign; it will repeat until you go back to the lesson menu or move on to the next sign
  • Slide the clips back and forth to move back and forth within a lesson

Review Options:

  • Flip certain clips to view the left-hand point of view
  • Watch videos in slow motion
  • Make the video fullscreen
  • Watch for the check marks; these indicate which words you've already viewed

Additional Lesson Packs:

  • Around You
  • Home
  • Around Town
  • Around Words
  • Baby Signs
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Instructional Ideas

Use Marlee Signs to demonstrate signs. Project the app so that every pupil can see the signs clearly. Since the app repeats each sign until you move on to the next one, you can circulate and offer feedback to students as they watch the demo and practice.

Class members can also use the app for independent practice or in a station or small group setting. They can watch the model and then try out each new sign.

Classroom Considerations

If class members are buying lesson packs for personal tablets, or if your school is in charge of this funding, $1.99 per pack might add up quickly. Since you can preview the content of each lesson, take a look through the words and phrases included in each one before purchasing.

  • Comes with a free lesson pack that covers the basics
  • Video clips are high quality
  • Slow motion feature makes reading each sign even easier
  • Easy to use for spelling and learning words and phrases in ASL
  • You must pay for each additional lesson pack
  • Videos cannot be paused
  • No assessments or activities; this is a teaching tool and a reference material