Man's Search For Meaning: Writing Assessment (Final Multi-Genre Project)

This Man's Search For Meaning: Writing Assessment (Final Multi-Genre Project) worksheet also includes:

Conclude a study of Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning with a research project that asks readers to investigate what various religions and philosophies believe is the meaning of life. The resource packet includes a list of religions and/or philosophies, step-by-step directions, and rubrics.

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Instructional Ideas
  • The project assignment may be used in literature, social studies, or psychology classes
Classroom Considerations
  • The assignment assumes class members know how to craft a research paper
  • The seventh in a series of seven resources designed to be used with Viktor Frankl's book
  • Rubrics for the various genre pieces are included
  • The resource includes of list of world religions and philosophies
  • While the concept of the portfolio project is sound, the project is built on the assumption that class members have already studied research writing, the compare/contrast essay, the reflective essay, and other forms of writing